Computer History Timeline, Prehistoric period

Archeological evidences have demonstrated that the computer history timeline may have started in the prehistoric period. The first evidence of computing dates back around 35000 BC with the discovery of the Lebombo bones. Then around 2400 BC the abacus was discovered.

Would you believe that? The timeline for computing may have actually started in the “Paleolithic period” in other words “The Stone Age”. Since then many new inventions, new discoveries have been made which brings us to our modern world of science and high technology.

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Basic Computer Parts

Understanding The Basic Computer Parts!

Understanding the basic computer parts of your desktop computer system! Why is there a necessity to do so?

It is a very simple reason.

To get a better understanding about how your computer operates and which computer part does what function.

To save yourself unnecessary expenses! Let’s say, you already own a computer but it is getting old and you want to change.

Which would be a better solution; to buy a computer or to upgrade some computer parts? I am sure upgrading would be a better option as it is cheaper. read more.........

What Is A Computer

Computer Definition and Basics

What is a computer? Is that really a question to ask today? I suppose there is no doubt that everyone knows what a computer looks like.

Although they come in different forms and sizes, everyone is aware of its existence.

Many of us prefer using computers that run under Windows while others prefer using computers that run under MAC.

Many of us feel that a desktop computer is ideal whereas others prefer using laptops for mobility and the ease of use.

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