Basic Computer Parts

Understanding The Basic Computer Parts!

Understanding the basic computer parts of your desktop computer system! Why is there a necessity to do so?

It is a very simple reason.

To get a better understanding about how your computer operates and which computer part does what function.

To save yourself unnecessary expenses! Let’s say, you already own a computer but it is getting old and you want to change.

Which would be a better solution; to buy a computer or to upgrade some computer parts? I am sure upgrading would be a better option as it is cheaper.

To be able to make better use of your computer! The ability to understand how each computer part operates will allow you to properly utilize its functions.

In this article, I want to briefly show you what are the basic computer parts that you should focus on when you buy a new computer and the ones which are good to have (computer peripherals) but may not be essential. To get a detailed overview of each part you can click on the links next to them (coming soon…)

The Basic Computer Parts

Below listed components make an integral part of your computer system. These are what you would look for when buying a computer.

1. Computer Case:

The computer case also known as the “Systems Unit” is the biggest and the most important element of your computer system. I could easily describe this as the human body which stores the heart, the brain and the nervous system.

In scientific terms, the computer case is the main control centre “the hub”. It stores the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the motherboard, the video graphics, memory and sound cards. This is what takes your commands via the keyboard and the mouse and does the necessary actions behind the scene and then produces the results.

2. The Computer Monitor:

Huh! What good is a computer case without a computer screen! As I mentioned above, the central processing unit does the action and then these actions are displayed as output on your computer screen.

3. The Keyboard:

The keyboard is a simple typing keypad which allows you to transmit commands to the central processing unit. It allows you to communicate with others via email, online chat etc… It allows you to create reports on word documents, create excel sheets and also play video games.

4. The Mouse:

The mouse has become an integral and essential part of a computer system. I remember the days back in the 80’ when I used to execute commands via the “CTRL” and “ALT” function keys when the mouse was a rare element. Today, one cannot do without a mouse. Every action is performed with the help of a mouse.

It is an easy navigation tool for your computer screen. Although these functions can be performed by using the keyboard functions, the mouse performs faster. It is just a click of a button to get things done.

5. The Storage Devices:

When you buy a new computer, you get two types of storage devices. The 1st one is the hard drive or the hard disk. This is an essential element of your computer as this is where all your software applications are installed.

When you buy a new computer always give it a thought on the size (capacity) of the disk drive. The size will depend on what you want to store on your hard drive.

The 2nd one is the floppy drive. Today, the computer systems come with DVD drives. These allow you to watch movies, play computer games or even use it for external storage of your favorite photos as a backup.

6. Internet Connection:

Internet connection has become a daily necessity. A very good example is that you are reading this page.

The computers come with built-in modem but in order to get high speed internet connection it is good to invest on a high speed modem such as a WIFI. Usually, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide you with a box when you subscribe with them for your internet connection.

Other Basic Computer Parts – Not Essential But Also Can Be

1. Speakers, headset and webcam

Every computer comes with a built-in speaker but they are not very powerful and the quality of sound is not that good. If you want to enjoy high quality sound then external speakers will be a good buy.

If you play video games or you would like to chat over the internet then headphones and webcams can become essential elements.

2. Printers:

This one is a bit difficult selection as it can be an essential part if you require regular printing of documents, photos, etc… But again, it is optional when you have a few to print and may have an opportunity to use the office printer. (Don’t tell your boss, I told you to do so).

3. Gaming devices:

Now if you are a fan of computer games (like me) then obviously, you will think of buying a joystick, game pad or a game controller. Again these are optional items as you can easily play games with the help of a keyboard and a mouse.


Well, I hope you benefited from this article and it gave you an understanding of the must have basic computer parts and some which are optional but also good to have at home to enjoy a better computer environment.